Penny R. Henderson
Counselor at Law
"Better than a thousand meaningless statements
Is one meaningful word
Which, having been heard
Brings peace."

Collaborative Divorce

Divorce can be painful – for the parties and even more so for the children – as each party focuses on the other’s shortcomings in order to gain an advantage in court.   Imagine how much better it would be if divorcing parents modeled conflict resolution that focused on truth and cooperation.

Collaborative Divorce is a new model and set of rules about how to dissolve your marriage. Instead of racing to court, collaborative participants agree not to go to court.  Instead of spending thousands of dollars answering irrelevant questions, collaborative participants agree to provide each other with all relevant information. Instead of focusing on what is wrong with the other person, collaborative attorneys and participants work together as a team to devise a solution that works for everyone.  Imagine how much better that is for the parties.  Imagine how much better it is for the children to see adults modeling cooperative, collaborative behavior. 

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