Penny R. Henderson
Counselor at Law
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Parenting Coordinator

Parents with continuing disputes and chronic litigation about their children present a difficult problem for courts, lawyers and mental health professionals and increase their children’s risk of adjustment and emotional problems.  Other states have recognized this problem and developed a strategy for helping these families through the use of a Special Master or Parenting Coordinator.

Whatcom County uses this definition:  A Parenting Coordinator is a qualified, neutral third party professional who has been agreed upon by the parties and appointed by the Court in high-conflict cases to facilitate the implementation of a parenting plan and resolve disputes arising therefrom.

My goal is to utilize my training and experience as a Guardian ad Litem, attorney and parent to compassionately enable parents to effectively and lovingly parent their children.

In Whatcom County I was involved in spearheading the development of the Parenting Coordinator role and organizing the initial training in Washington with the frontrunner and internationally-recognized leading authority on the topic - Joan B. Kelly, Ph.D.

The Parent Coordinator program is scheduled to be up and running soon!